Open-Source Platforms for AR and VR

  1. ARToolKit+ Modular open-source code, smart glasses, Android and iOS support, content creation, simulation, virtual reality integration.

  2. Holokit Virtual reality integration, superimposed objects, real-world backdrop, content creation, 3D objects, and blending the real and the virtual.

  3. BRIO A drag-and-drop interface, virtual reality integration, 3D objects, content creation, cross-device publishing, content library, real-world backdrop, superimposed objects, and simulation.

  4. Adobe Aero Content creation, content library, simulation, drag-and-drop, interactive features, cross-device publishing, and virtual reality integration.

  5. Vuforia Engine Unrivaled precision, simulation, virtual reality integration, 3D objects, content creation, content library, real-world backdrop, creative empowerment, overlaid items, enhanced vision, tracking, and analytics.

  6. A-Frame This tool works well on some mixed reality devices such as the Vive, Rift, Daydream, and GearVR, as well as on the PC.

  7. ApertusVR ApertusVR is an open-source, modular, distributed augmented reality and virtual reality library. It includes plugins for a variety of virtual reality devices, including the HTC Vive, the Oculus DK2, and CAVE systems. Supports AR and VR modules, as well as a wide range of VR fringe and control devices.